CSIX Studios is a collaborative group founded in order to unite diverse creative professionals around the production of medical and scientific communication tools.
Nils Schaetti (swiss AI researcher and interactive web developper) and I have collaborated on ENT3D and BebopBrain in order to create one-of-a kind, ever evolving eLearning tools.
As the creators of these highly interactive and tailor-made platforms, we welcome you to get in touch for a discussion and a brainstorm for your own interactive platform!
Medical art, biomedical communication
Nils Schaetti
3D eLearning Platforms, Medical art, biomedical communication

Interactive 3D Model of The Juvenile Temporal Bone.

In collaboration with Tayside NHS Ninewells Hospital Temporal Bone Lab.

My final Masters thesis consisted in the creation of a 3D model of the juvenile temporal bone to serve as a preoperative training and planning tool for ENT consultants and specialist trainees at Ninewells NHS Tayside. ENT3D was created in collaboration with a swiss web developer in order to host a 3D interactive model with it’s surrounding anatomical features and inner ear structures in order to help users better understand the relation between 2D CT scan data and the anatomy in 3D space. The project won the final exhibition and research project award bestowed by the University of Dundee.

sciart, medical art, biomedical communication, medical device

The Neonatal brain 3D model platform

In collaboration with Dr. Austin, Rosie Clinic, Addenbrooke’s Hospital, Cambridge.

The BebopBrain platform is being developed in order to offer a place for specialists to explain to patients and their relatives the development of a child’s brain, and demonstrate where possible issues may take place. The platform can equally serve as a source for student teaching and surgical planning.